To contact me call 01547 528665 or email me

    Price List

     6x4 £1.25, 5x7 £2.50, 6x8 £3.50,

10x8 or 12x8 £5.00 and A3 £10 (subject to availability). All in inches.

   Keyrings £1.75

Fridge Magnets £1.75

        Post and Packing minimum 50p

          maximum £2.00.

           'Email Me' for further details.

All the photos on this sight belong to me it is illegal to copy or print them. Also I have to make a liviing  and I don't know of many other photographers that sell copies of photos for as little as £1.25. So please be kind

If you are looking for a photographer give me a call or send an email to